LIFE Endeavours Portfolio

The LIFE Endeavours Portfolio consists of innovative real estate community impact investments structured to create measurable positive social outcomes to enrich communities and improve quality of life. With an overarching thematic to prioritise investment in the highest need community impact areas, we create bespoke investment products that see us invest alongside government, not for profit and fellow impact investment partners.

Investment Thematics

We strive to solve some of our community’s most challenging and impactful social issues by partnering with service providers, the community, government organisations and investors to create new socially impact accretive investible real estate assets.

Solving some of our community’s most pressing social issues.

Impact Focusing on social investments and prioritising the highest need areas to maximisecommunity impact. Collaboration We partner will service providers who understand the intricacies of delicate social issues andcultural appropriate solutions. Geography WA Focus, supporting our local communities Assets Smart structuringto create investible products

Sustainable Social Solutions

Collaborative Solutions​

We look to achieve maximum social and community impact by collaborating with social service providers who understand the cultural and social intricacies behind some of our community’s greatest challenges. We then work to achieve a sustainable long-term solution that 1) solves the problem and 2)is an investable real estate asset.


  • Quality of Life
    • Improve the lives of others and facilitate community development.
  • Sustainable Solutions
    • Collaborate with service providers and the community to nurture robust evaluation, problem solving and decision-making processes with a view of creating solutions to social and community issues that are culturally appropriate and that are sustainable over the long term.
  • Flexibility
    • No cookie cutter approach
  • Opportunity
    • To create new socially progressive investible real estate assets through innovative structuring and partnership arrangements.

Problem Solving Pathway


Partner with experienced and innovative service providers who have an intricate understanding of the social issue in question.

Focus Areas

Prioritise problem solving the highest social need areas

Sustainable Solutions

Structure solutions to take into account the commerciality of the transaction and the level of social impact.

Project Partners

Link service providers, investment and structuring professionals and investment capital.

Investment Process

Apply a disciplined investment process to all investment opportunities.

Investment Management

Adalia to provide ongoing commercial support for service providers and manages projects on behalf of investors.

Our Team

Our intellectual capital is industry leading; it is the cornerstone of our unique service offering. We provide broad insight into opportunities with unparalleled depth and understanding. Our team share common values that solidify our culture. We subscribe to the Adalia mission and do so with an entrepreneurial spirit that challenges conventionalism.

  • Mike Cameron


  • Chris West

    Investment Committee Member

  • Marc Darryl Beaniza

    Senior Financial Analyst

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